Strategic Plan

Strategic analysis and higher performance

Are strategy-supported sales, differentiated analytics for better diagnostics, and unique management reports important tools for your business?

Plano Estratégico


Provides strategic analysis of sales, with overall performance or performance per customer, diagnosis of sales team performance, and detailed study of quoted items.


  • Basic Features
  • Advanced search
  • Item search
  • Initial Report
  • Historical Sale Report
  • Historical Sales Report by Customer
  • Performance Report
  • Customer Ranking Report
  • Performance Report by Salesperson
  • Responded Items Tracking Report

Access to the quotes of:

  • Access to high-complexity hospitals
  • Community of public hospitals
  • Hundreds of hospitals with up to 50 beds / Clinics / Home Care Services / Day Hospitals
  • Communities of hospital nationwide



Plano Estratégico
Plano Estratégico

Went from Guest to the Strategic plan, with access to three passwords and attending to an average of 33 monthly customers.

250% growth in sales in just nine months.

Management reports and operational reports

Detail of all information transacted via Bionexo: conversions per user, ABC curve of customers, confirmed and unconfirmed orders, promoting strategic monitoring of sales activity

R$ 8 billion per year transacted in the solution

Great business opportunities, with a demand for online purchasing that reduces investments in Sales Force and brings reduction of operating costs

Bionexo manager dedicated to your business

Personalized monitoring that assists in the performance evolution of your business, guiding the sales team for better results

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