Systems Integration

Increased performance and efficiency in management

Are achieving better performance, obtaining better operational results, automating processes and increasing productivity the differentiators that bring greater business efficiency?

Integração de Sistemas


Provides integration between the Bionexo system and the supplier company’s system, increasing management efficiency at all levels.


  • Allows customer’s software to work in conjunction with the Bionexo solution
  • Increased productivity with shorter time to respond to quotes
  • Growth in sales with higher volume of quoted products and potential elimination of unquoted items
  • Growth in margin, since telemarketing gains time for more consultative and strategic sales, as well as analysis of pricing
    and margin
  • Elimination of errors resulting from manual data entry
  • Market intelligence with the manipulation of bulk data with possibility of various reports such as the analysis of demand
    by hospital, region, representative, product, margin of error, etc.
  • Sales force management, with better targeting of representatives in the field by analyzing the business and the demand of
    each hospital.

Increased productivity

With systems integration, it is possible to respond only to quotes of interest, and in a much shorter time, allowing the sales team to act strategically

Market intelligence

Manipulation of bulk data with the possibility of generating various reports, such as analysis of demand by hospital, region, representative, product, and margin of error, among others, which provides complete management of the sales team’s performance

Growth in sales

With the automation of processes, the volume of quoted products increases, with potential elimination of unquoted items, thus ensuring better operational results and consequent increase in commercial performance

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