Market Information

Can making faster and more assertive decisions, anticipating indicator trends, visualizing earnings opportunities, minimizing errors and risks, and working with facts rather than speculation make decision making more strategic?


Using the nation’s largest database of the digital hospital purchasing market, it is possible to identify opportunities, measure the target market, and plan/assess the performance of business areas, for more conscious decision making.



  • Product pricing support, with daily market price tracking
  • Measurement of market share, on the company, product and state level
  • Portfolio optimization by mapping the products most highly demanded by hospitals within the Bionexo marketplace
  • Navigation on maps with potential market information
  • Resources for selecting regions and sizing opportunities
  • Monitoring of sales volume according to the conditions of payment of the purchasing processes


  • Access to drugs with higher sales potential
  • Ability to form a product portfolio in line with market demand
  • Proactiveness in the pursuit of new business
  • Possibility of increasing the volume traded and profit margin


Through a robust statistical matrix, it allows the analysis of the market share of drugs or families of materials with information from the customer, the overall market, and competitors

Product Ranking

Presents A, B, C and D curves of the most widely marketed drugs in the Bionexo solution, and information on quantity, average prices and state, allowing better negotiation with the industry, planning inventories more efficiently, and understanding where the best opportunities are according to each r

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