Public Hospital Purchasing Management Solution

Can managing price registration by item, supplier or process, qualified information, flexibility of operations, reducing auction operationalization time, and an exclusive research tool bring operational gains in the stages of the bidding process?



Digital solution for purchases of hospital supplies geared toward public institutions, focused on improving processes, making them fully compliant with the provisions of Brazilian law (Law 8666), providing information, negotiation and automation of tasks focused on maximizing results.

The Publinexo solution meets all the needs demanded by the public market: Bidding (Electronic Auction, With Registration and Without Registration, and Management of PR) and Exemption from Bidding (Emergency, Non-Requirement, and Judicialization).
It offers a full range of attributes necessary for the procurement process to meet all market legal requirements transparently and effectively


  • PR management by category, with the possibility of simultaneous registrations of the same item and with differentiated duration for different purposes
  • Generation of price registration by item, by supplier or by bidding process (auction)
  • Viewing of approved quantities and balance of consumption items
  • Viewing of detailed description of items in searches
  • Changes of the brands of the item in the Price Registration (PR) Process, well grounded, with security and traceability
  • Changes to the item brands in the orders (well grounded, with security and traceability)
  • Ampla – Bidding Price Search Tool, covering the Current Price Notes (with or without registration) and official tables, made based on several sources on the market, with the possibility of generating the reference price with flexibility of selection regarding the metric of more accurate calculations, automating the process systematically and thoroughly.

More than 6,000 suppliers

Exclusive to the healthcare area, bringing greater variety of products and greater competitiveness

Systems integration

Brings increased productivity and greater security in transactions, in addition to eliminating rework

Strategic analyses of information

Offers history of registrations, traceability of transactions, reports and access levels differentiated by authority levels, bringing agility and security to the purchasing process

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