Inventory Management and Demand Planning Solution

Can centralizing information, managing inventory indicators, identifying ad hoc variations, organizing order delivery, monitoring deliveries, and defining security inventories contribute to the assertiveness of purchase planning?



A solution that offers demand planning and inventory management integrated into the institution’s management system (ERP), optimizing inventory and service levels and reducing operational costs.
Acting directly in managing procurement, one of the most strategic areas within healthcare institutions, the solution brings visibility and intelligence to the management system, indicating the guidelines that will very effectively guide the actions to be taken, since an inventory that is not the closest one possible to the actual needs of the hospital will generate shortages or excess.

The solution automates the entire inventory planning process, reducing operational stress by manual effort, thus making the process more assertive, secure and transparent.


  • Inventory metrics dashboard, which expands data into complete and fully tailored management reports.
  • Information and statistics of each item, offering greater speed and assisting managers for better decision making.
  • Turnover indicators and inventory coverage (current and target)
  • Columns with indication of critical items
  • ABC, XYZ, PQR, and 123 Curves
  • Parameterization of inventory policies.
  • Ability to create new groups of items and views for reports

User friendly

Offers a number of graphical features that make managing the operation much more efficient, as well as a dynamic and intuitive interface that creates accurate reports with all the required information

Automated analysis of inventory replacement

The solution’s sophisticated algorithms ensure a higher level of automation, intelligence and speed in procurement processes, aiding optimal decision making

Better service level with greater availability

Significant results at large institutions with service levels greater than 99% and reduction of inventory indices, bringing savings and predictability

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