Material Description Standardization

Can having a correct and standardized description of products and no duplications, ensuring regulatory compliance of items, and having your products with valid Anvisa registration bring better results for your institution?



Analysis that includes establishing descriptive standards, compatible with the supplier market, through a review of the institution’s product registry, identifying manufacturers of equivalent products for medical materials, drugs, and implantable medical devices (OPSM).

Contributes to assertiveness in the process of charging products to the operators, reducing purchase/supply differences, improving the process of researching, comparing and acquiring products by identifying attributes and validations with existing standards and/or regulatory agencies.


  • Padronização de itens
  • Otimização dos processos de compras
  • Redução das divergências de compra/fornecimento
  • Assertividade no atendimento
  • Melhoria de pesquisa, comparação e aquisição de produtos
  • Segurança no processo de faturamento
  • Rastreabilidade da cadeia de abastecimento
  • Indicadores confiáveis

Single and standardized registration

Eliminates the risk of incorrect purchases, avoiding unnecessary increase of inventory and reduction of margin, bringing better results to the institution

Registration with no duplications

Avoid purchasing with higher amounts and lack of responses from suppliers, allowing better negotiation and better financial results

Secure data source (CUB)

Ensures regulatory compliance of the items, eliminating the risk of purchase and usage of products past the expiration date, improving the financial flow with the operators and avoiding disallowance

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