High-Cost Materials Management Solution

Can mitigating risks and meeting standard RN 395, structuring packages for more frequent surgeries, standardizing the Receipt of Budgets, automating processes, and a secure and growing network of suppliers offer greater transparency of management in the acquisition of Orthoses, Prostheses and Special Materials (OPSM)?



Digital solution that offers the most advanced technology for the management, acquisition and control of orthoses, prostheses and special materials.

The market for OPSM (orthoses, prostheses and special materials) – also known as OPME (órteses, próteses e materiais especiais) – is complex, and the high cost often associated with a lack of control of materials at healthcare institutions compromises the quality of the purchase and adversely affects financial flow.

The solution revolutionizes the traditional concepts of OPSM purchase processes, the main regulations of the Ministry of Health, especially of ANS, ANVISA and CFM, offering a series of resources that respect the choices of healthcare institutions and their professionals for an efficient medical practice, associated with the challenge of a transparent procurement process.
The purchase modalities offered by the Opmenexo solution – Elective Surgery, Fixed Consignment Management, Purchase of Products in Stock, and Negotiation of Tables – perfectly meet the demands of the market.


  • More than 2,500 suppliers nationwide
  • More than 240,000 items with manufacturer’s reference, Anvisa registration and management
  • Security in the identification of off-table items in the pre-surgery period
  • Mapping of the solution’s adhesion, with possibility of customizing the steps in the process
  • Standardization of protocols by medical staff / agreement / provider / supplier for negotiation of tables
  • Automatic indication of inventory products, consignment and contracts that do not require price quotes
  • Public quote, private quote or quote by specialty
  • Webservice integration with the management systems available on the market

Analysis of supplier documentation

Avoids risk of purchasing non-compliant products and/or products without appropriate origin or of dubious origin.

Process optimization

Reduction in quoting time, automation of the delivery authorization process, request for replacement of fixed consignment materials, and reduction in the time for receiving the invoices.

Strategic analyses of information

Facilitates the performance analysis of the teams involved with the institution's OPSM.

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