Private Hospital Purchasing Management Solution

Can increasing the offer from suppliers with sanitary control, tracking processes, accessing management/operational reports at any time, reducing operational demands, and strategic purchasing bring better results?



A digital solution that is quick to deploy and has a user-friendly interface for the purchase of hospital supplies throughout Brazil.

The solution provides online access to the entire pharmaceutical industry and its major distributors for the purchase of medical supplies, drugs, and other product categories for the hospital segment.
The community is growing, which leads to greater competitiveness, better possibilities of negotiation and lower prices, as well as fast and totally measurable results. Supply managers know the importance of having a solution that tracks all processes that can be accessed at any time.


  • Exclusive team for attending to hospitals and suppliers
  • Accreditation of online distributors by the industry
  • Management of suppliers’ legal sanitary documentation
  • Largest supplier base on the Latin American hospital market, with an average of 20 new entrants per day
  • Security and confidentiality of all information transacted
  • Implementation and training team at hospitals and suppliers
  • Dynamic and transparent auditing
  • Standardized product response
  • Renegotiation of quote by item
  • Support in institution accreditation processes
  • Qualification of suppliers through registration of occurrences
  • Potential reduction of prices of materials and drugs – 35% on average.
  • Contracted purchases

Systems integration

Expedites the process of sending specifications and prices, reduces bureaucratic time in the separation of quotes and shipping, helping to fulfill the lead-times of the purchasing staff.

Management reports and operational reports

Access to management reports at any time offers the Procurement team huge managerial gains, strategically guiding its purchasing actions

Management of permissions and electronic approval authorities

Automating the rules of approval brings agility and security to the purchasing process

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