Business Intelligence Solution

Can making faster and more assertive decisions, anticipating indicator trends, visualizing earnings opportunities, minimizing errors and risks, and working with facts rather than speculation make decision making more strategic?



A business intelligence (BI) solution to support the efficiency of supplies management, quantification of results and decision making in the healthcare segment.

Through a robust statistical matrix connected to the Bionexo database and using transacted information from the hospital itself, the Bioanalytics solution allows users to create mathematical models that reproduce past behavior and project future behavior.


  • Greater speed in corporate responses and decisions
  • Minimization of errors and risks
  • Early viewing of indicator trends
  • Views of opportunities for growth in gains
  • Enhances metrics and indicators

Management planning

Through special reports, assists in purchasing management planning, and consequently makes management more productive and strategic

Cost reduction

Allows users to view opportunities of cost reduction and to take the necessary actions to bring higher savings to the institution

Use of the institution’s real data

By using real (and non-speculative) data, it prevents errors and risks, making the metrics more assertive

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