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A pioneer and absolute market leader, Bionexo offers a suite of digital solutions that enable buyers and sellers to interact online easily, quickly and intelligently. Purchase and sale of all product families, inventory/demand planning, predictive data analysis and standardization of registrations, bringing major benefits and opportunities to the entire supply chain.

17 Years of Innovation

Since 2000 we have been investing in talents, innovation and proprietary technology developed by our team, bringing knowledge to the hospital market.

Support and Relationship

More than 200 professionals with a high level of experience in healthcare make the difference in this important market.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud computing solutions, in partnership with Amazon Web Services, provide information security, full-time monitoring, high availability, and automatic upgrades.


We act in the generation and delivery of value to the hospital supply chain


Direct users


Institutions and suppliers

R$ 8 BI.


Of the hospital beds served nationwide

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