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Bionexo Acquires GTT Healthcare, the Industry-leading IoT Solution Company

Bionexo will invest R$ 30 million in Technology in 2019

São Paulo, August 7th, 2019 – Bionexo, the market leader in digital healthcare management value chain solutions, announces the acquisition of GTT Healthcare, the leader in IoT solutions for the same market. GTT was founded 10 years ago in Florianópolis, known as the “Brazilian Silicon Island.”

Bionexo already offers a range of solutions for digital supply chain management for hospitals, including its core marketplace for medicines and medical materials, inventory planning, high-cost materials management and public procurement. With this investment, Bionexo deepens its commitment to innovation and confirms its plan to invest R$30 million in technology in 2019.

By integrating GTT’s solution to Bionexo’s existing services, Bionexo will now offer state-of-the-art IoT for inventory self-identification (RFID technology), environmental monitoring (sensometry) and cold chain drugs management to both existing and new clients. With this acquisition, the company strengthens its leadership position in digital healthcare in Latin America and contributes to achieving its stated objective of quadrupling in size over the next three years.

“Our investment strategy is to find solutions that address our clients’ pain points and add value to our ecosystem by automating the supply value chain from end-to-end. In 2019, we are investing R$30 million in new technologies, both organically and via acquisitions, reaffirming our commitment to fostering and enhancing innovation and entrepreneurial potential in Brazil and Latin America,” explains Rafael Barbosa, Bionexo’s CEO.

GTT was founded ten years ago to solve challenges in the inventory management of healthcare products, and is currently present in numerous renowned hospitals and clinics, which use the GTT’s solution to achieve up to a 90% reduction in inventory losses, as well as waste reduction and value-added process automation in real-time, eliminating human error.

“We are happy with this growth opportunity. RFID technology is currently used by some of the country’s leading hospitals, but still has low penetration in the broader market of healthcare providers. We believe that this new step will significantly increase chain control and traceability, especially for high-cost medical materials, bringing more efficiency to the industry and reducing the scope for fraud and waste”, says Guido Dellagnelo, GTT Healthcare’s CEO and founder.

About Bionexo

Bionexo offers digital solutions for process management in healthcare. Since its foundation in 2001, the Brazilian health tech company has built a growing customer ecosystem in search of transparency, efficiency, and intelligence. The platform connects over 1,700 healthcare institutions and more than 10,000 suppliers, with R$12 billion in annual transactions. In Brazil, Bionexo impacts about 38% of private beds and 64% of high complexity beds. The company is a leader in building digital cloud solutions for healthcare and promoting innovation in the sector, contributing to the professionalization and digitalization of the healthcare chain in Brazil and in the other countries in which it operates – Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Spain.