Public Procurement Management Solution

Public Procurement Management Solution

PUBLInexo is a solution that integrates public healthcare institutions, ensuring transparency and efficiency in procurement proceedings in accordance with the provisions found in Brazilian legislation: lawfulness, impersonality and publicity.

Integrated transaction

The solution’s operating principal is the provision of all the information required to prepare an electronic bidding proceeding, giving rise to a satisfactory and automated business dealing of bookkeeping tasks, with a focus on savings and on maximizing results.

Exclusive community

As this is a solution directed solely to the healthcare market, the suppliers found in the PUBLInexo Community are holders of specific expertise for this area, which makes the outcome of procurement proceedings much more comprehensive and satisfactory.


Suppliers found in the PUBLInexo solution, experienced in the healthcare public market.


The PUBLInexo solution meets all government requirements in connection with standards for the acquisition of public purchases, from start to ratification.


concurrence with public procedure, by providing several resources in an environment especially prepared for procurement management to be still more detailed and complete.

Managing Product Lists

The PUBLInexo solution employs a customer’s own list, enabling it to transact all the product families and classes.

Electronic bidding with or without price records

All the Electronic Bidding’s stages are performed online, from the start of procedures, team appointment, publication of notice, proposals, bids and appeals until ratification.

Managing Price Registry Minutes

Once the Price Registry Minutes are published, the managing body may follow up on the records of concurrence and management requests by requesting unit, in addition to monitoring available balances and tracking changes granted. The body may opt to remit an electronic supply approval to the supplier whose price was recorded.

To whom it is directed…

PUBLInexo is an instrument intended for public healthcare institutions that require a strategic solution for business dealings, focused on the improvement of the entire procurement procedure, pricing and compliance with Brazil’s legislation with a complete process auditing.

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