High-Cost Materials Management Solution

High-Cost Materials Management Solution

The OPMEnexo electronic solution provides more advanced technology for the management, acquisition and control of orthoses, prostheses and special materials.

Minimizing risks

The OPME market is very complex and the high cost often related to a lack of sanitary control of such materials inside healthcare institutions has jeopardized procurement quality, adversely affecting the productive chain’s financial flow.

Appropriate to needs

The solution overturns traditional concepts of OPME procurement proceedings, meeting the Ministry of Health’s key regulations, in particular ANS, ANVISA and CFM, besides providing a number of resources for creating a model that complies with the choices of the institutions and their professionals for an excellent medical practice, in conjunction with the challenges of an ethical and transparent procurement process.

160 000

This is the number of items listed in the OPMEnexo, registered at ANVISA and with the manufacturer’s reference.


There are over 3000 exclusive OPME goods suppliers that respond to price quotes in the OPMEnexo solution.


Goods registration with TUSS regulations inside the OPMEnexo solution.

Three forms of procurement

Different forms of procurement, enabling greater concurrence with the platform: Purchase by Goods / Inventories, Purchase and Management of Fixed Consigned Goods and Procedure Purchase (Temporary Consignation), with records of information background.

Supplier contract

This form covers the entire contractual formalizing flow, from a request for a new contract, ratifying of a new product contracted and goods replacement requests.

Ethics and transparency in proceedings

Affords a countrywide business opportunity, ethical and transparent price quotes in equal conditions for all, and enables obtaining the best goods for a patient.

To whom it is directed…

The OPMEnexo product was developed especially for healthcare institutions that seek excellence in high-cost materials procurement management, such as private hospitals, healthcare operators, philanthropic foundations and entities that acquire high-cost materials.

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