Inventories and Demand Planning Management Solution

Inventories and Demand Planning Management Solution

PLANnexo is an instrument developed especially to meet growing demand by the Brazilian hospital market.

Optimizing resources

Planning inventories is a strategic task in healthcare institutions, as a stock item that is not as close as possible to a hospital’s real needs creates deficiencies or excesses.

Integration with management systems

By acting directly in Supply Management, PLANnexo provides an inventory demand and management planning system that integrates with a customer’s management system (ERP), optimizing inventory and service levels, reducing operating costs and giving rise to gains for institutions.


PLANnexo integrates fully with your institution’s ERP, expedites the entire inventory management process.


PLANnexo is totally friendly, which fact drastically reduces operating stress.


Planning, procurement and Operations work together to obtain the best results.

With no need for technological infrastructure

The PLANnexo solution is rapidly implemented as it is cloud-provided. This solution ensures quality, speed and integrity of all an institution’s data, with traceability and access control.

Inventories close to the ideal

An optimum inventory level is calculated for each item in order to reduce capital invested without affecting assistance levels. The inventory manager is warned every day in a cockpit on items with critical excess levels.

Improved assistance level with greater availability

Algorithms are molded for a hospital’s reality in which criticality and assistance risks are essential factors in inventory planning. There are important cases in major hospitals in which assistance levels have been achieved in excess of 99%, with a reduction in inventory rates.

To whom it is directed…

PLANnexo is intended for all healthcare institutions seeking guidelines likely to very effectively lead to actions taken by supply managers aimed at maintaining appropriate inventory levels.

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