Hospital Procurement Management Solution

Hospital Procurement Management Solution

BIOnexo is an electronic solution pioneer in the Brazilian market, which enables institutions to procure inputs online, providing access to over seven thousand suppliers: the pharmaceutical industry, medical goods medications distributors, and companies of a wide range of classes and goods.

Tangible and immediate benefits

The movement of new hospitals being admitted increases the community of newcoming suppliers every day, giving rise to greater competitiveness and resulting in improved business dealings and price reductions.

Transforming the market

The BIOnexo solution transformed the market for electronic hospital procurement since it was created over a decade ago, as it is a rapidly implemented tool, provides a friendly interface and provides strategic management of the procurement area, in addition to complete transparency and ethics in transactions with records of all the proceedings completed.


BIOnexo is present in 100% of the country. From the country’s north to south, Bionexo takes its technology, transparency and innovation to all of Brazil’s states.
Pioneering is the product of an occupation committed with transparency, innovation and quality of the goods provided.


This is the average of daily price quotes inserted into the BIOnexo solution. There is a number of classes of goods marketed every day through BIOnexo, by over 7000 suppliers and hospitals that are part of the community.


This is the average savings obtained by healthcare institutions that work with us, in addition to huge gains in processes and cuts in operating costs.


Bionexo has the best human resources and technological infrastructure to ensure total security, monitoring and secrecy of information that travel through our web environment.


Through exclusive and dedicated servers fitted with redundancy and contingency, in a high-availability data center.

24/7 Service

Bionexo provides exclusive teams for assistance and support to our solutions’ users, with professionals from a broad range of areas in the healthcare universe. This ensures knowledge of the business and a complete commitment by our team with every issue involving the area.

To whom it is directed…

BIOnexo is a service developed to assist private healthcare institutions in which the supply area seeks strategic management in procurement jointly with training of their teams, the result of which is an improved institutional management and financial performance.

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