Digitally integrating the country’s entire hospital supply chain.

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Bionexo was founded in 2000 and is a pioneer in developing web solutions that operate within the most advanced hospital e-commerce parameters, integrating healthcare institutions to the segment’s entire productive chain, disseminating a technological efficiency culture to procedures involving the supply chain area.

Structured in Brazil, it has transferred its innovative model to other countries and also operates in Argentina, Colombia, México and Spain, having become a market leader in Latin America and Europe.

Bionexo creates numerous business opportunities involving digital hospital procurement among suppliers and healthcare institutions offering transparency, strengthening ethical values in business relations, expanding frontiers and decisively contributing to professionalizing and increasing the market.

+ 18.000

Hospitals and Suppliers

US$ 4.9 bi*

Yearly transactions


Staff members


Countries of activity


Promote, in an ethical and transparent manner, integration, business and the relationship between and among all the health care agents in the markets where it operates.


Bionexo will be the main channel of convergence and exchange of information of the health market.


These area several drivers that conducted and preserve Bionexo as leader in its market of activity. By their means we conduct an ongoing search for integration, business and a relationship with all healthcare market players, in which we are the key channel for references and exchange of qualified information in this market.


We convert and propagate sustainable ethical concepts and encourage transparent commercial relations by means of technology in the healthcare market.


We are entirely committed to providing the best electronic solutions in a safe environment for our customers to achieve the best financial outcome and to improve the business’ management.


We invest in promoting, integrating and relations between community members, detecting opportunities for improving such partnerships and encouraging ongoing growth, sharing information and expertise.


We continually seek out new technologies and new solutions in order to improve the healthcare business management. Innovation is the key that encourages our constant search for sustainable development.


We encourage access to quality information, which assists our commercial partners in making better business decisions.

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Bionexo invests in the best human resource infrastructure in order to ensure the complete security of its systems and data, preserving secrecy of all the information transacted in our environment, always concerned with the maintenance of scalable systems with redundancy and contingency in order to achieve optimal availability.

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In an environment in constant change, we have a great concern in producing metrics of our complete technological assets, in order to enable monitoring and to predict problems before they happen. Hardware, networks, applications, everything is monitored and any problems are immediately advised to our team of professionals for a resolution without giving rise to downtime in our services.

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Agile development

In an environment in which the need for innovations is essential, we are constantly enhancing our services in a cooperative form, always focused on technological requirements in search of an improving customer experience.


A company builds itself through it leadership and by disseminating the organization’s culture to all of its staff members.

Mauricio de Lázzari Barbosa

Maurício De Lázzari Barbosa

CEO Global

Anamaria Martins

Anamaria Gullo Martins

Director of Products and Operations

Eduardo Paes de Barros

Eduardo Paes de Barros

Director of Sales Private Sector

Luiz Antônio Reis

Luiz Antônio Reis

Director of Sales Public Sector

Fabio Wakim Trentini

Fabio Wakim Trentini


Luis Carlos Vidal

Luiz Carlos Vidal e Silva

Director of Finance


Cristopher Manzo

General Manager Bionexo Mexico


Joan Batlle i Ferrer

General Manager Bionexo Iberica


Rodolfo Scarpetta Solórzano

General Manager Bionexo Colombia


Pablo Andrada

General Manager Bionexo Argentina

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