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Complete digital solutions in hospital supply management

As a pioneer and leader for 14 years, Bionexo develops and operates high-performance digital solutions for hospital supply chains.
Our focus: transparency, excellence in management, proven results and quality information.

Bionexo. Traditionally complete.




Solutions Suite for Private Health Institutions



High-Cost Materials Management Solution



Solutions Suite for Public Health Institutions

Bionexo Exacta

BIOnexo Exacta

Management Solution for Procurement by hospitals with not more than 50 beds, to clinics, home cares and day hospitals



Inventories and Demand Planning Management Solution



Procurement Follow-Up Management Solution  (Launching soon)

Over 1000 health institutions in the whole of Brazil, plus over 7000 suppliers specialized in health employ Bionexo solutions

"Bionexo is not simply a procurement management tool, but rather the change to a new scenario for the Brazilian healthcare market"

− Carlos Oyama, Director of Supplies at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

"At Hospital Santa Marcelina, I believe that the great impact brought by Bionexo was ease in work processes. Years ago, processes were all manual and this solution came to add ease when working with procurement, it added reduction, added improved performance, with which you obtain other market advantages."

− Fabrício Santana, Grupo Santa Marcelina

"Bionexo settled in the market by taking over an area in healthcare service management in a unique manner. It began providing a working tool that hospitals and institutions required for their day to day, and were provided the opportunity to process more transparent, quality, technical and secure procurement. Their transactions are no longer restricted to procurement procedures and have become information tools not only for the healthcare institution, but have created a large comparative database that is currently essential within Brazil’s healthcare system as a whole."

− José Carlos Abrahão, Chairman of Hospital de Clínicas de Jacarepaguá

"Bionexo changed the healthcare scenario in Brazil, adding transparency to the activity, providing an outlook of big business to supplier companies, hospitals and health insurance operators, cutting costs and creating transparency never seen in the activity. Something that can only be built with idealism and plenty of dedication."

− Pedro Palocci, Chairman of Grupo São Lucas

"To me, Bionexo goes beyond all of the benefits that it provides to the healthcare area in Brazil, and there is also Instituto Bionexo, which with is philanthropic vision summarizes the nature of the company’s entire senior management."

− Sérgio Juaçaba, Chairman of Instituto do Câncer do Ceará

"Only a company with Bionexo’s vision could add customers from Oiapoque to Chuí (extreme north to extreme south) with the transparency provided by the company. A hospital with an Albert Einstein standard and a hospital in the north of Pará within the same community reflect dynamism and is one of the great achievements by Bionexo for the country"

− José Ricardo Melo, Chairman of Presidente do Hospital Santa Rosa

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Bionexo has an array of tools for purchasers and suppliers that are able to embrace the entire management and operations process in the hospital supplies chain.

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